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27 September - 7 October

880 Hunter St, Newcastle West


Maike Strichow

Marigold Pazar          Charlotte De Wit          Megan Kennedy

Clare McIntyre



Low Level Panic directed by Maike Strichow is a close up and very personal glimpse into the private lives of three women living in a share house. It is set in a 90's share house bathroom, and as the women use and interact in the space, the audience is invited to be a fly on the wall. At the same time, the play includes surreal moments where the characters share fantasies and memories, taking a deep dive into the complexities of each of the three women navigating daily existence in a hyper sexualised world dominated by the male gaze. 

Though the play was written in 1988, Maike Strichow has shifted the setting to sit somewhere in the mid 90's, bringing it slightly closer to our audience of today, while still telling a story of a time we can reflect back on. 

"It is clear we have come so far when you read the play and react to the language and choices that the characters make. Some of the things they say to one another seem so uncomfortable now, and dated, and that's important to note. But then there are other over-aching themes that are still just as prevalent today, that still affect women on a daily bases that still need to be heard and still need to change."

Low Level Panic by Clare McIntyre premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 1988, winning the Samuel Beckett Award.

"It was an absolutely breathtaking production, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole show. Brava." 

" It was a brilliant show... I wish I could have seen it twice."

"I forgot I was alive..."

" ... the show prompted a really honest, open and beautiful conversation surrounding many themes brought up... thank you for inspiring conversation."

"What a powerhouse of talent. I was completely blown away."

City Of Newcastle Drama Association Awards 2023
Nominated for:
Best Director for a Play, Best Dramatic Production, Best Ensemble for a Play, Best Supporting Actor - Megan Kennedy

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