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City Of Newcastle Drama Association Awards 2022
3 CONDA Wins, 9 Nominations
WINNER Best Director for a Play, Best Dramatic Production, Best Supporting Actor - Karen Lantry

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Directors/Produces: Charlotte De Wit

and Marigold Pazar

Assistant Director: Hannah Armstrong

Stage Manager: Kirby Hocking

Costume: Jzhonnie Bechet Lumiere, Marigold Pazar

and Charlotte De Wit

Set: Marigold Pazar & Charlotte De Wit

Cast: Mike Booth, Maike Strichow, Tristan McKinnon, Marigold Pazar, Mark Pegler, Katy Carruthers, Tony De Wit, and Karen Lantry.

"Man will indiscriminately destroy the forest until there's nothing left. It's the same thing when you pick people apart and try to make sure that there there's no purity or self-sacrifice left in them."

Young Novocastrians take on Russian classic.

Her Productions is VERY excited to be presenting Annie Baker's adaptation of Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov.

Set on a remote rural estate during the late 19th century, tensions run high for a family trying to survive isolation, lost opportunities, fading youth and the will to go on, while fighting to retain their privileges and sense of purpose.

As the characters struggle to come to terms with a "present too ridiculous for words" and an uncertain future, Chekhov dazzles us with an acute understanding of our timeless human contradictions, and questions our ability to change.


7pm Wednesday 25th May​

7pm Thursday 26th May

7pm Friday 27th May

2pm Saturday 28th May

7pm Saturday 28th May

2pm Sunday 29th May

7pm Sunday 29th May

The Lock-Up

90 Hunter street Newcastle NSW

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“Annie Baker’s colloquial version of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya is more than a modern-dress treatment of a classic work. It’s a fresh rethinking of the material from the perspective of a modern mind.”

- Variety



Play Video

video by Alpha Sierra

" astonishingly good production of Uncle Vanya at The Lock-Up.It sets a new bar for theatre in Newcastle." - Clair Williams

"Congratulations on the spectacular production of Uncle Vanya! Flawless casting and engaging from start to finish. True talent from all that were involved. Thank you for having us" - Jess King

"[Uncle Vanya] proved to be probably the best piece of ensemble theatre I have seen since leaving the UK in 2006. Many, many congrats to Marigold Pazar, Charlotte de Wit and everyone else involved in this EXCELLENT PRODUCTION of Chekhov’s UNCLE VANYA. Brilliant, sensitive, moving and here and there pretty FUNNY! Thanks to all... A totally emersive theatre experience for us."
- Howard Rawlinson

"A real treat to see such a wonderful play and fine acting." - Emma Crowther

"What an amazing production. Loved every minute of it!!!!" - Anissa Thomas 

"... A wonderful, powerful night of theatre." - Jennifer White

UNCLE VANYA - rehearsals 2022 - photos by Shanell Van Koeverden